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Animal Active is an activist, volunteer-based organisation that advocates for all animals with a strong focus on the rights of urban Australian native animals, in particular kangaroos, dingoes and possums.

Animal Active challenges the neglect, exploitation and abuse perpetrated on non-human animals through sustained campaigns and cruelty exposes.

Confrontational when necessary but always non-violent, we work through channels of direct action, investigation and rescue as well as finding pathways to effectively network with other animal advocacy organizations (locally, nationally and globally). Our aim is to build a world informed by awareness, compassion and respect towards human and non-human animals.

Animal Active’s vision is a future where divisive differences such as race, gender and species become invisible and the quality of sentience (that is, the capacity to suffer) is the only moral consideration in our treatment of other beings.

Animal Active is a not-for-profit, entirely volunteer-based organisation. We depend entirely on public donations and fundraising events to continue our work for animals. 


Your support makes our work for animals possible, please:


​New to Animal Rights? We recommend the following resources:


Animals Australia
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Viva! Vegetarians International Voice for Animals
Edgar's Mission



The Animal People

The Game Changers



Animal Liberation by Peter Singer

Eternal Treblinka: Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust by Charles Patterson


Donate through our secure PayPal donations page and by placing spare coins in our donation tins if you visit vegan and cruelty-free businesses where they are displayed.

Donate through our secure PayPal donations page

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Buy vegan, locally-sourced wine that helps fund our campaigns with every purchase. Animal Active will receive a minimum of 50% of the profits resulting from your purchase. Visit our Goodwill Wine page to find out more and place your wine order here.

Visit our Goodwill Wine page to find out more and place your wine order here.


Volunteer! Join our volunteer activist team by completing our expression of interest form.

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