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The Just Group (owners of Dotti, Portmans, Jay Jays, Just Jeans and more)  have confirmed that they will join the pledge against products made from angora in response to PETA's campaign.


Numerous Australian retailers, including Myer, Target Australia, David Jones, Big W, Jeanswest, General Pants and others, have pledged to ditch this cruel product after hearing that a PETA Asia investigation of Chinese rabbit farms documented rabbits screaming in pain as workers tore out their fur by the fistful.




Over the years, Animal Active has conducted many powerful protests at Planinsek Fur on Collins Street in the CBD. In 2016, Planinsek finally closed their doors, making high-end fur salons in the CBD truly a thing of the past (where they belong).


Sadly there are many more retailers that continue to sell fur/fur trim products in Melbourne and we will soon move on to our next target. To stay in the loop about future fur protests, please join us on Facebook.
















Action Alert


Support Viva! and their work for kangaroos in the UK. Please contact Lidl and ask them to drop kangaroo meat. Viva! persuaded all UK supermarkets not to sell kangaroo meat over a decade ago now, and Lidl are the first one to break ranks and put it back on sale.
This trade will almost certainly lead to even more kangaroos being killed – and their babies and young shot or decapitated and then simply discarded. In other words, consumers are responsible not just for the death of the animal they consume – but also the death of her young. Around 20 per cent of kangaroos killed each year are female – which means around a million joeys are killed for the trade each year. Use the handy email/sample letter to contact them! You can see the coverage in the Daily Mail.



In 2012-13 a number of well known Australian companies ditched fur, including both of our National major department stores (Myer and David Jones) and The Melbourne International Fashion Festival. This month we welcome the most recent addition to the compassionate retailer list - Husk. This chain of bouitiques were subjected to Animal Active’s “Bring Out Your Dead” protest action in 2012 and have now confirmed they are enitrely fur and angora free.

Congratulate the company’s director, Damian Taylor, for his compassionate decision. Email:

Action Alert

Animal Active’s “Bring Out Your Dead” campaign hits the road in Melbourne again this winter, targeting fur retailers and designers. Join us and help tell the truth about fur – that whether fur bearing animals are trapped in the wild or raised on a fur farm, they are subjected to tremendous levels of fear and pain and killed brutally by suffocation, electrocution, poisoning or gassing. In China, where more than half the fur pelts used by the fashion industry are produced, dogs and cats are bludgeoned, hanged or bled to death and rabbits are skinned alive for their fur.

Join our activist list by registering here to join fur protest actions in June and July.
Find out more about the bloody business of fur production here.

​Blow the Whistle on Vivisection

                                                                                                         Become a Conscientious Objector and demand humane alternatives

                                                                                                         in science education or blow the whistle on vivisection.

                                                                                                         If you want to take a stand on vivisection or dissection and find that

                                                                                                         your teachers or course coordinators are not sympathetic, contact

                                                                                                         Animal Active  for support here.


                                                                                                         If you are a student, lab technician, academic staff member, lab cleaner or

                                                                                                         other witness to animal experimentation who feels uncomfortable

                                                                                                         about  procedures you have seen, please be the animals' voice and

                                                                                                         help us to investigate the abuse by providing any information and

                                                                                                         images you may have access to.

                                                                                                         All information released to Animal Active will remain confidential and

                                                                                                         anonymity will be respected.

                                                                                                         Read more about the hidden suffering of animals in research

                                                                                                         laboratories here.


Meet a Possum Face to Face

Join a possum watching tour in Curtain Square, North Carlton! Animal Active

volunteers have spent the past 12 years protecting the accessible but still wild

Curtain Square possums from cruelty at the hands of the local council and

members of the public. Despite the endless attacks on their right to survive in

this tiny inner urban habitat, they continue to greet us enthusiastically each

night and show a miraculous ability to express trust in our efforts to help

them adapt and survive. To meet a possum face to face is a joyous experience…

to meet a possum mum and her young one is doubly joyous - so join us for

close encounters with our closest wild neighbours.

Depending on bookings tours are conducted nightly,

from 6.30 pm in winter and 7.30 pm in Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Note that bookings are essential as tour numbers are strictly limited

so as not to stress the possums with noise or interfere with their natural

behaviours. Please contact us for booking requests.


For a map of Curtain Square, click here

Read more about urban possums here


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