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Animal Active advocates for all animals. Our projects include the 'Give a Dog a Home' dog re-homing scheme, control of urban cat populations by trap, neuter and release, protection of urban possums and kangaroo populations, protesting the use of animals in fashion and educating for a vegan, cruelty-free and environmentally-responsible future. To find out about our latest campaign updates, action alerts and victories please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Native Wildlife


Possums are Australian native animals who have adapted to life in urban parks and gardens.

Sadly, many of our municipal councils are killing these friendly and vulnerable animals in their thousands in a so-called bid to 'protect' trees from possum grazing.

Animal Active has worked with one urban council to generate a wildlife policy re-defining urban open space as habitat, thus ensuring that it is managed to benefit the survival of all resident animals and is campaigning for its widespread implementation. We continue to challenge municipal councils that persist with cruel practices.


Animal Active has recently extended its advocacy for native wildlife with strong campaigns for kangaroos and dingoes.


Companion Animals

The usual practice of trapping and killing stray, free-living cats is cruel. Often mother cats are caught and removed from the colony leaving their young kittens to starve.

Animal Active's 'Desex and Return' or 'Trap, Neuter and Return' (TNR) program is an effective and humane 'no kill' strategy for managing populations of stray cat colonies.

Since 1999, Animal Active has also been rescuing 'death row' dogs from pounds and placing each dog with a foster carer where they are rehabilitated until we find them a 'forever' home.


Animal Industries

Animal Active is against the use of animals in the food industry and promotes a vegan lifestyle for the welfare of animals, for human health and for an environmentally-responsible future.

Animal Active regularly protests the use and retailing of fur by local designers and boutiques as well as participating in global campaigns against the exploitation of animals in fashion.

Animal Active is opposed to the confinement of animals in research and teaching facilities where they are forced to endure stressful, prolonged, painful and terminal procedures. We advocate for primary, secondary and tertiary students who conscientiously object to the use of animals in their educational curriculum.


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